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Book Review: Creation Q & A

Creation Q & A, Answers to 32 Big Questions about the Bible and Evolution, by ICR contributers.

     "What is the debate between creation and evolution, and does it matter? Creation Q & A, a new booklet from ICR, provides a solid overview of creation science and gives answers to a variety of evolutionary arguments. 

     This volume is an elegantly-designed, user-friendly resource. In five distinct sections, Creation Q & A goes through over 30 questions pertaining to the origins debate. Every page or two is dedicated to answering one of the questions, and also lists articles to look up on the ICR website should one desire to investigate a particular question further. The five main sections are as follows:

  1. The Young Earth 

  This first section gives a concise overview of the fundamental aspects of creation science such as the global flood and the ice age, as well as providing brief refutations of old-earth arguments such as those based on ice cores and radiometric dating.

  2. Evolution

  The following segment addresses certain evolutionary claims (for example: dinosaurs evolved from birds, and humans evolved from apes). It also exposes problems with some of the fundamental principles of evolution such as natural selection and abiogenesis. 

  3. The Big Bang

  The third section investigates the claims of the Big Bang theory (obviously) as well as evidence for a young cosmos. This section also addresses the distant starlight problem; although I found the provided explanation rather vague. 

  4. History 

  This section contains fascinating information such as evidence that dinosaurs coexisted with humans, and a table detailing             non-Biblical flood legends from around the world.

  5. The Bible

  The final part of the book addresses questions about the Bible and Creation/Evolution. This section addresses the gap theory, the day-age theory, and other claims from theistic evolutionists and old-earth creationists. In addition, this section provides explanations of the Genesis timeline and more.

     Definitely some of the most noteworthy sections of the book are the concise outlines of the basic concepts of young-earth creationism (the ice age, the flood, etc.). I also greatly appreciated the ICR online article recommendations at the bottom of every page for those who wish to inquire further into a specific topic.

     Ultimately, if you are looking for an inexpensive and concise overview of the creation v. evolution issue, then this book would be for you!

Jonathan Schulz, 2018

Have you read the book? What did you think of it?

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The use of the image of this book is utilized for purely critical purposes and should not be considered a challenge to it's copyright status. Image taken by Jonathan Schulz.

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