Nov 8, 2018

The Creation According To BioLogos


This isn't even reinterpreting scripture. This is rewriting scripture. I hope this was not the intention of BioLogos, but the article seems to (instead of "harmonize" scripture and "science") synthesize "science" and scripture into a nearly unrecognizable chimera as well as giving the impression that scripture should be derived from science. I don't know if this was their intention at all (and I really hope it wasn't), but please feel free to read the article (link above) and decide for yourself.

Just a few quick questions. Why does he immediately set up the false dichotomy between science and faith? When science is done responsibly using the scientific method, it doesn't contradict a person's faith. Was there any death in the third, fourth, and fifth parts of the story? If so, where did this death come from? What caused it? Approximately how many "evenings and mornings" did we watch between the third, fourth, and fifth parts of the story? Billions and billions and billions? It's interesting that the Hebrew of Genesis Chapter 1 uses the SINGULAR "evening and morning"...why the change? Are we writing a cute story in an effort to replace the historical creation narrative that God provides in His inspired Word? Or, worse yet, are we attempting to put words in God's mouth that aren't really there?

Yep, totally agree it is strange and fairly confusing. If I understand correctly, it seems that Biologos supports the compromise of the Word of God by supporting theistic evolution which appears to be about interpreting parts of scripture out of context etc... Genesis describes the creation very clearly and it is good enough for me to read it literally as six normal days as we know a day from morning to evening. After all, Jesus made it very clear that He believed the writings of Moses as literal so I do not understand why anyone would wish to challenge the One who actually did the Creating and Who was an eyewitness.

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