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Book Review: Dinosaurs: God's Mysterious Creatures

Dinosaurs “God's Mysterious Creatures”, Illustrated by Susan Windsor


     This book is part of a new series (“Science for Kids”) being released from the Institute for Creation Research in response (or as an alternative) to the evolution-based Basher books, thus adopting a Basher-like format and writing style.

     As far as the Basher comparisons go, the format of the books in ICR’s series are a bit less “busy,” and thus easier to systematically read (which I appreciated). Additionally, the conversational writing style and characterization commonly employed in the Basher books is also present in the ICR series, which brings virtues along with vices...First, I thought it was clever of ICR to apply characterization to the dinosaur’s respective information pages (for instance, the writing used to convey T. Rex’s proud personality is noticeably different from the more down-to-earth Iguanodon), however aspects of conversational writing can easily be taken a bit too far (but that may just be my own opinion).

     The scientific topics covered in the book range from what is (and is not) and dinosaur, to different kinds of fossils and how they form. Highlights included reasons that dinosaurs did not (and could not, for that matter) evolve into birds, and evidence that dinosaurs coexisted with humans (one of my personal favorite topics), but those are only a couple! In all, the book included as much (and maybe more) general information about dinosaurs as the average evolutionary dinosaur book, so if you are looking for an introduction to dinosaurs from the standpoint of young-earth creationism, this volume could be a good way to go!

      As for theological content, the book starts out by telling the Biblical creation account, and the fall, and ends with sharing the gospel. I have a great appreciation for ICR and other creationist organizations who faithfully use their materials to point to Christ, and the salvation he brought about for us through his life, death, and resurrection.

     Perhaps someday libraries will display books such as this right along with dinosaur books that affirm evolution, but of that, we can only speculate...

Jonathan Schulz, 2018

Have you read the book? What did you think of it?

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The use of the image of this book is utilized for purely critical purposes and should not be considered a challenge to it's copyright status. Image taken by Jonathan Schulz.

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