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Creationist Websites-

     Below are some links to prominent (and not as prominent) websites in the Creation v. Evolution debate. Please note that Creation v. Evolution Debate does not necessarily agree with everything on these websites, but they do, nonetheless, contain good information. Listed below are the links to the websites and a (very) short summary of each:

    -Answers In Genesis-vast amounts of information on a very wide variety of topics. Answers in Genesis has a creationist, Christian worldview.

     -Genesis Park-great collection of evidence for dinosaurs and man living at the same time.

     -Creation Instruction Association-articles and more from a Christian, Creationist viewpoint. 

     -A creationist site which provides rebuttals to the claims made at TalkOrigins.

Earth from space

     -Institute For Creation Research-scientific topics from a Creationist viewpoint.

     -Creation Ministries International-articles and more from a Creationist viewpoint.

     -Foundation Advancing Creation Truth-the website for the Glendive Montana Dinosaur and Fossil Museum.

     -The WordPress blog platform for this website.

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