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Evolutionist Websites-

     Below are some links to prominent (and not as prominent) websites in the Creation v. Evolution debate. Please note that Creation v. Evolution Debate does not necessarily agree with everything on these websites, and has included comparatively few evolutionary sites due to the fact that most mainstream scientific organizations support evolution. The evolutionist sites listed here are among those that specially pertain to the CE-DEBATE. Listed below are the links to the websites and a (very) short summary of each. 

    -Talk Origins-A site that seeks to provide mainstream scientific responses to claims in the creation v. evolution debate. Suffice it to say, these responses are from the standpoint of evolution.

     -How Old Is The Earth-A blog that attempts to refute claims made by young-earth creationists. How Old Is The Earth is written from the standpoint of old earth creationism.

Earth And All Stars

     -BioLogos-The main hub of theistic evolutionists. Contains many articles attempting to harmonize the Bible and science (especially evolution and millions of years).

     -Naturalis Historia-The Natural Historian explores topics related to the intersection of faith and science (it is written from a theistic evolutionary perspective).

     -Peaceful Science-The website of evolutionary creationist Dr. Joshua Swamidass. Peaceful Science is interested in bridging the divide between Christians over evolution.

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