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Does Evolution Undermine The Authority Of The Bible?
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May 29, 2018
It's been suggested in previous posts a couple of times that evolutionary interpretations of Genesis can be a slippery slope. I think it is a very slippery slope, not only in terms of what else might be reinterpreted, but what would be true if evolution were true. I think if evolution were true it would undermine the authority of the Bible. There is a connection between evolution and death. If evolution happened, then death happened. Death plays a very important role in evolutionary theory. "Survival of the fittest" means nothing without "death of the unfit." In the Bible, sin is the cause of death, and death came by Adam (Romans 5:12; Genesis 2:17; Romans 6:23; James 1:15). Therefore, there must not have been death before Adam existed. But evolution would have happened before Adam, and therefore death would have happened before Adam. This is a contradiction. This doesn't just undermine the authority of Genesis. It undermines the authority of the entire Bible. First, Romans and James could be considered no longer reliable because of the previous verses. The most central part of Christianity is the gospel. Jesus, true man and true God, came down from heaven, lived a perfect life, then suffered and died but rose from the dead to save us from our sins. Why would we need to be saved from our sins? Because sin leads to our death. If death weren't caused by sin, then Jesus came for nothing. Now, there are multiple things that could be defined as death. Namely, spiritual death and physical death. It has been proposed that maybe sin only causes spiritual death. First, recognize that God created everything "very good." I think we can all agree that death in any form is "very bad." I would argue that both types of death came upon man because of the sin of Adam and Eve. I think that this is also present in Christ's death upon the cross. Jesus suffered not only at the hands of men (physical death), but gave up his spirit (spiritual death). Take a look at more from Romans, and then at Revelation. Revelation shows how in a way, heaven will be a place like before sin entered the world (Revelation 22:2). And that means no more death.
Is Evolution Truly A Threat To Christianity?
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