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What Is Your Favorite Piece Of Evidence For Or Against An Old Earth?
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Nov 26, 2018
I would find agreement w men like Dr. Kurt Wise who agrees that when a scientist today uses a method like radiometric dating, he understands why that scientist would assume that the rate of decay stays constant thus concluding an older earth. He would still place his faith in God as described in Scripture which seems to detail a younger earth. For me, things dating volcanic rocks of a known young age to be much older and soft tissue found in dino fossils make me wonder how accurate man's science really is on dating the earth. Young earth creation groups could detail many more issues. When an ant crosses the path of a house, it has no comprehension how, why and in what timeframe that house was is just a structure potentially suitable for shelter. In sort of the same way, the creation event and a flood event as such a monumental miraculous tasks caused by God is so unique and foreign to any human experience or rationale that perhaps we are going at it all wrongly to rely on the current levels of science for strict determinations on the earths age. The chasm of knowledge and understanding between God and men likely far surpasses that between an ant and human where the ant makes little sense of the essence of the existence of a house. I slightly expect that God will allow advancements in science to gain a bigger glimpse of just how unreliable our dating methods are in this respect. Even as I write this as a young earth guy who still has an admitted wonder if perhaps this earth is a lot older, i FULLY expect to be really surprised when i meet our Creator face to face how i will be utterly humilitated when blasted with information i was not privy to on earth that give definition to both God and physical aspects of the universe that will be of the sort that will ever confound the current views in science!


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