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I am a bible believing Christian.

I have an interest in maintaining honesty in the debate about origins. I see that there is a real need for exposing and correcting the misinformation that is often used to support evolution and sadly also to attack the biblical account of origins.

I once believed that God used evolution as His method of creation but for the past 30 years or more I have known the truth that evolution is a false teaching, in short it is a massive hoax perpetrated on mankind. Since that time more than 30 years ago, I have known the truth of creation to have occurred exactly as recorded in the historical narrative in Genesis. God's word states that God created all in six literal 24 hour days, and that is exactly what I believe occurred. Creation was a supernatural creative act of God.

An excellent short article by Roger Birch titled "Why did Jesus die? The sacrificial system and Creation" can be found at is well worth the read.

Jesus is Lord of all!

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