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Jun 09, 2020
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the big lie: evolution according to "science", the oldest cities in the world are jericho and damascus. both are in the bible (genesis). the oldest ruins in the world are in iraq (because of the oldest civilization in the world in mesopotamia). near iraq is the birthplace of adam, near the euphrates river. it is a big coincidence that man capable of building cities began in places according to the bible. darwin said the survival of the fittest, Lord Jesus said to love your enemy and your neighbor. darwin is the opposite of Lord Jesus. darwin is the beast, the liar, the deceiver, darwin is not science, he is not education, he is not the truth. read the revelation, chapter 13, the first beast. buddy, you believe people who are paid to prove evolution and they can't. an ordinary man doesn't see anything, he believes in evolution like a religion. the fossils are dating with earth layers, and the earth layers are dating with fossils. it's a loop. carbon dating or other dating are not accurate. they bring those numbers to fit evolution. there is no proof about evolution. if you want to prove evolution, make life in the laboratory, or find alien life, these are the only chances you have. bacteria that "evolve" because it becomes immune, it's the same process like vaccines for men. the man becomes immune to the virus, and the man never "evolved". the organism can defend itself in certain circumstances. why humans have so many races? why are dogs big, small, in any color? is not the wolf their common ancestor? why are similarities between species? we have the same designer: God. who gives you the right to be unfaithful, and who makes me be a believer? simple, you can't obey God because you are satan. who is that "hero" that invented christianity not for himself but other people in the future? the bones which are found are, or humans, or apes and they are so old and dusty, you can't see anything. neanderthals. i will worship the evolution if i see a skull with a thicker arch of the eyes, and canine teeth like humans because a thick arch of the eyes is not specific to humans and canine teeth of humans are different from canine teeth of apes. the skulls of neanderthals, which were found, have or thicker arch of the eyes or canine teeth like humans, never in combination. the "monkey-man" bones are or chimpanzees or gorillas, and guess what? they live only in africa. that's the reason "evolution" began in africa because only there are these monkeys. man has the power to change animals and plants. we domesticated them. in the wilderness, all is different. yes, in the past on earth were all kinds of beings, but now we enjoy oil. everything has a utility for men. buddy from when the men are "awake", nothing has changed. that is the big evolution once at millions of years a nose gets flatten? what is the purpose of that? listen to the law of God, and you will have anything you need. buddy, you want to escape from the law of God, you can't. there are abnormal interests to maintain this charade. obvious, the theory of evolution was made to put doubt upon God, nobody can track the "evolution process" in millions of years.


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