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UNDENIABLE “How Biology confirms Our Intuition That Life is Designed”, by Douglas Axe


     Douglas Axe confirms Intelligent Design by tapping the scientist in you. Axe is an accomplished Biologist with credentials from U.C Berkeley, and doctoral work at Caltech. He has been a member of the faculty at Cambridge in various positions. He knows his stuff.

As one who enthusiastically studied biology from grade school I have always been fascinated by the things of nature. The realm of nature was my playground, my pastime, and my passion. I received a degree in Environmental Science in college and worked as a biologist for over a decade. But as I have not used that training for a number of years now, I had lost a step or two in the disciplines of biology, chemistry and Physics. Because of this, some in-depth study and conversations have left me looking for “more practical” treatments of the debate over evolution versus Intelligent Design. I found that in this book.

     Douglas Axe writes to all concerned with the question of our origin by applying what he calls “common science”. Every reader (and even those who cannot read), will have experience in his initial foundations. He, like a bricklayer establishes the foundation in what our observations of life and our logic tell us. He builds the next course on those foundations and continues to show the complexity of the natural world. At the end of each section he reviews and begins the next layer of discussion. I would not say that this is an easy read, but it is in the beginning and builds at a good pace. The author shows a genuine desire to bring you along and gives you encouragements to move through his arrangement of ideas.


     Through the application of observations and logic the author provided positive thinking process for me as a rusty biologist. Applications of common math made clear that chance is not a sufficient answer for the complexity found in neither a single cell nor the universe. Millions of years do not answer the dilemma either. Axe’s explanations of the complexity of one short strand of DNA and how it came to be. Further he demonstrates that many who claim that evolution is the answer to where and how we came about ignore very basic requirements of the broad discipline of Science. As a theologian I was continually remembered passage of Scripture that testified to what the author was presenting.

     I found this book refreshing and an encouragement to engage in continued conversation about what science answers and what it does not. The writer is an accomplished scientist and he shows the values of science but also its limitations. Undeniable, by Douglas Axe is a profitable read for anyone from a high school freshman on. Axe provides concepts that can be used to teach the very young about the universe in which they live. There is “meat” enough in the pages of UNDENIALBE for the professional scientist or theologian to find productive contemplation of the universe. I encourage all to read this book and consider the wonder of the source of life.

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The use of the image of this book is utilized for purely critical purposes and should not be considered a challenge to it's copyright status. Image taken by Jonathan Schulz.

Kirk Peters, 2017

Have you read the book? What did you think of it?

Special thanks to Kirk Peters for creating this review! (Posted with his permission).

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